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Write a private message as Menards verified representative. This guy isn't complaining about taking care of his truck.

They have absolutely never paid what I invoiced them. If they don't work out, I find someone else. Will you have anyone else driving for you? Don't make it out to be so bad. The complaint adds to a growing list of cases examining who should be classified as employees eligible for workplace protections.

They expect to have deliveries made anytime the store is open. They have a picture of it on a contractors wanted ad at their local store. They want me to deliver a cheap load for them, I'll tell them that Lowe's has a more profitable load for me to deliver right now, and I'll get to them when I can - unless they want to up their bid.

Draft saved Draft deleted. At the meantime, you can review all your communications with review authors. They have always treated me fair as long as I take care of the customer. Do not deliver for Menards.

Right in the contract it says we deliver when they are open and when the guest requests it. They will send me on a delivery and when I invoice for it they will tell me they have already paid me for it or that I didn't make the delivery, so, no pay.

Federal agency alleges Menards wrongly classifies drivers as contractorsMenards - Menard Delivery Contractor

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No, create an account now. They will also steal from every check they send you. If you don't have any employees, count on long days yourself. They will expect you to deliver in all types of weather.

They will require you to purchase this truck. At times you may only have a few deliveries in a day, others you will be booked solid from open to close.

Not a good business to deliver for. They expect hours per week and no days off ever. Sounds like you guys are used to a desk job and not actually working. Also if they lose there hauler they lose there vacations and have to work every weekend till they find a new hauler. It's posted to the wrong business.

Don t contract with Menards

The contract is set up for Menards and for Menards only. They will break the contract everyday that you are there and treat you like you are an employee. You are a Peter sucker, I've worked there five years and I know my contract very well. Well, if you're an independent contractor, aren't you free to use your truck elsewhere?

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Menards - Unethical and costly handling of delivery fees. Menards delivery was the best decision I have made. Menards, which is based in Eau Claire, ecs driver support Wis. Goldstein said Menards exercises enough control over its drivers that they should be classified as employees.

Stores blame drivers and their companies. They overbook all drivers. We plan to vigorously defend ourselves against these ridiculous allegations.

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During winter if I need more money I deliver for other stores. Installed both doors In June. Long hours during the summer short during the winter. It includes private information. Do not deliver for menards they will ruin your life.

This business is closed or doesn't exist. The masterlift is junk these trucks run so hard seven days a week that they break down all the time. Does this happen all the time? It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text.

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Private messages do not impact your company rating. It's inappropriate or not family friendly. If you are considering trucking for them run run run. The cost of shipping was almost as much as the part itself.

Menards contract delivery driver

Problem is, that route takes you four miles too far east and right back four miles. We believe that ultimately the charge will be dismissed because it lacks any merit. Full Name Job Title Email. Username and password will be sent to you via email.

What has Menards got against using a flatbed and a Moffett? It's too easy to suck in somebody to buy their truck and work for free. Do you already have an account? Its all about your attitude and how you work with your store managers. Backing to homes at new developments runs the risk of getting stuck and possibly damaging freshly installed utility lines.