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All answers can be found in our detailed review. Is the keyboard feasible to type the dissertation? It surface is smooth and can be used pleasantly accurate and fast. When many applications are executed simultaneously, the processing speed deteriorates noticeably. The fans rotation speed doesn't fluctuate during this.

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The separated arrow keys support typing. But the feedback is too weak for a perfect office mouse pad. However, it's unfortunately standard for the office and multimedia category. The touch surface doesn't have a marked horizontal scroll bar, but it has a visibly marked vertical scroll field. We've executed two gaming tests.

What do the battery life and workmanship look like? No registration procedure is necessary to attain the latter. However, its rigid surface and the grip convey a solid impression. Memory operations per second.

Acer installs a complete number pad and thus emphasizes the office notebook claim. The user has to create his own recovery data carriers for Windows via Acer's Recovery Manager. The desktop isn't crowded by preinstalled software and links Acer GameZone, Accessory Shop, registration, drivers ed flash game addicting games updater. Supplies The user has to create his own recovery data carriers for Windows via Acer's Recovery Manager.

Overall, the fan management makes a good impression. This small bay doesn't have a base. This provides for warm fingers. Desktop performance for Windows Aero.

Drivers for acer aspire 5552g

Laptop Drivers Acer Aspire Drivers for Windows 7Acer Aspire 5552G Drivers Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)Download Drivers and Manuals

Overall, the pad that is sensitive to its edges makes a usable impression. The stereo speakers are located above the keyboard under a perforated black grid. There aren't any spots visible on the homogeneous surface.

The G has no ambitions to become a real gaming notebook. The base plate can be dented here and there, but is basically solid.

Acer Aspire Drivers Windows 7 (bit & bit) - GetDriver

The screen isn't suitable for professionals because of the narrow color spectrum to begin with. The G's display isn't suitable for outdoor use. The non-slip surfaces are pleasant, but they are no good for boasting. The hinges keep the lid securely in place and it hardly teeters.

The perpetual reminder of Norton Internet Security and registration gets annoying after a while. The volume tethered to the notebook hardly emits an audible static noise audio test, no measurement. The case is sufficiently stable and makes a long-lasting impression with clean gaps. The most sensitive area is the reflective display. The experienced application performance is fast and there is no reason for wavering.

Laptop Drivers Acer Aspire Drivers for Windows 7

The glare type display improves the color reproduction a bit visibly, but the result remains unchanged. The installed speaker's sound can hardly, if not at all, be improved by the sound enhancements e. The uniform color and unobtrusive details power on. The lower scroll area can be enabled in the Synaptic software, though. The key bed yields obviously under light pressure, though.

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What does the application performance say about that? The number pad simplifies entering numbers. The keys yield palpably on the right and left and thus supply a very pliable typing feel.

Acer Aspire G Drivers Download for Windows 7 10

So, the Aspire G isn't exactly economical. But both aren't available in the Aspire G. The Aspire G only supplies a limited amount of interfaces for connecting peripherals, like printer, router, mouse or hard disk.

Thus, the Aspire G won't get anywhere with its two and a half hours. The Aspire G's case is just as suitable for mobile use as for a serious workplace or for the student quarters.