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Beaded purses have been hand made and in vogue for well over years. Corroded chain mail or chain mesh purses are a bit more tricky to clean. Rust and verdigris a green rust, common with copper on chain mail purses is unsightly, smells bad, and is potentially hazardous. Elaborate steel bags earned frames in precious metals, filigree, enamel highlights or studded with gemstones. Larger versions were sold singly.

  • This is great news for me and to get it straight from the source is special indeed.
  • Wow, zippers on bags, that could definitely get complicated.
  • The lower ornament, which either clicks or screws into place, is detachable allowing the connecting pin to be slipped through the garment.

Vintage and Antique Handbag Appraisal

As a collector of these rare chain mesh purses, I know how they can become dull, tarnished, and look like something which should be thrown away. The search for these beaded beauties has become as serious an issue as the initial making of the purses themselves. When searching for a purse, condition should be of the utmost importance.

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But, if you know their worth, trashing them is like grinding gold down a garbage disposal. The vinegar will cause the baking soda mixture to foam. Does anyone know of a rather large zipper pull for handbags called Astro.

How to Identify and Date Old Brooch Styles

Mesh and Beaded Bags and Purses

Coro also made Duettes with small double-pronged clips especially during the s, but there was some carryover into the s as with the Coro angel birthstone pieces like the one shown here. Actually the lining, top 10 snaps and rope seem to be a lot older to me. Fur clip is the collector's nickname for what manufacturers referred to as a pin clip when they were newly made. Zipper is on a leather purse made in Brazil. Maybe I'll just hold on to this one for a while until I know more.

Metal zipper

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What an honor to read your piece of history, to feel what I knew was the American way, characteristics and principles my granny instilled in us! As with dress clips, the larger versions of pin clips were usually sold singly. Most production was for military uniforms because brass was scarce. Copyright All Rights Reserved. This is one of the most common types of clasps used on costume jewelry from the late s onward, and it is still in use today.

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The one piece says Trek Brantford Ontario. Further research into individual zipper types can help you get a more accurate date. Your chain mail should be squeaky clean and sparkle, unless it was heavily corroded and damaged. Rinse the area being cleaned and check to see if it might need a second application. Have you found an answer to your question yet?

These early plastic zippers were not as sturdy as metal ones. There are a number of clues you can use to successfully date antique and vintage brooches and pins. One floor was producing other war items besides zippers. It was worn similarly to a brooch, but with a clip mechanism instead of a pin stem to attach it to clothing. Antique beaded purse repair and restoration is my passion and my nationally recognized specialty.

How to Identify Vintage Purses

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Finish item by polishing with a silver polish, or lightly rub a tiny amount of orange oil furniture oil also works well over area cleaned. It has Areitio on the inside of all the zippers. This will put a thin moisture proof barrier between the metal and air, rich dating which will help prevent more tarnishing and corrosion. Add a few drops of dish soap and a dime-sized squirt of baking soda toothpaste on top. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Zipper identification can get complicated so I have tried to keep it simple. The zipper is located on the side of the pants but instead of running vertically on the side it goes horizontally. If there is no attraction, confirm by testing several areas of your purse. Replacing Skimpy Fringe This steel beaded figural purse had a skimpy fringe. Unless the purse is quite rare or very cheap, a bag with damages, holes, speed etc.

Vintage Handbags and Purses

How to Clean Antique Chain Mail and Mesh Purses

It was only when zippers became less likely to break that they moved to a more visible area of the garment. Dip the toothbrush into the vinegar as often as needed to keep the mixture foaming. Metal zipper that is placed at the back, but starts in the lumbar region, so placed very low. The island of Murano, located off the coast of Venice, Italy was well recognized for it's wonderful glass bead making industry. Squared off purses sometimes had fringe instead of a tassel.


Your work inspires me to try harder. Mix to match the consistency and texture of toothpaste. Using a soft toothbrush, why does radiometric dating scrub area to be cleaned with the baking soda paste.

There are no markings other than on the zipper. The seams are very generous, and the fabric has been pinked. This pin style was worn on cloche hats, lapels, shoulders, and even handbags. You can use a magnet to make a quick and easy identification.

It most likely had a beaded handle or perhaps a drawstring closure that fell apart, so someone salvaged it by adding that black roping as a handle. You can purchase one at the grocery or drug store in the cleaning isle. The clasp or catch shown here is from a s pot metal brooch. Be careful when dry cleaning early s nylon zippers as they may not withstand the treatment. The back of the purse is also a delicate silk-like fabric, and it's starting to wear in some places.

In addition to restoration, I have shared my knowledge and love of antique beaded purses in professional speaking engagements across the country. Even then, an antique chain mail mesh purse is very rare and valuable. Before and after photos of a few of the Antique Beaded Purses I have recently restored.

This steel beaded figural purse had a skimpy fringe. Here's some more pictures, if that helps at all. So Italian, one would assume. From through the flamboyant flapper era, stunning glass beaded purses came from France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Czechoslovakia.

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Thousands of beaded purses have passed through my hands. Many, but not all, resemble buckles from the front like the example shown here. The lining looks like a cotton, super pattern, love the colors and it looks like a silk crepe at the very top where that snap was sewn on, the snap was most likely not original either.

  1. Value, integrity, pride in workmanship!
  2. The bottom could have been beaded in a star pattern with a beaded tassel hanging from the center of the rounded bottom.
  3. The knit swag beaded purses continue to be one of the most desired styles purchased by women today, especially those dripping in beaded fringe work.
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