Brittany and santana hook up, santana brittany dating big shots

Brittany and santana hook up
Brittany and santana hook up

Santana however says that she likes being in college and she being a cheerleader, plus she likes to be closer to where Brittany lives. In her locker you can see several pictures of her and Brittany. She says I'm going to go to prom by myself and really work on me and dance with other people's dates. Then as if she was trying to distract them, Santana tells them that she likes being in the club, without encouragement or pressure to say it. Brittany looks to Artie during this line with serious, dating events shrewsbury pleading face and Artie is looking confused at April.

Brittany and santana hook up

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Later on they are in the bathroom and Santana is helping Brittany with her make-up. Santana reaches out her hand and lifts Brittany, they smile and together, they hold each other as they walk out. Santana then starts to cry and Brittany puts her arm around her. During I'm the Only One Finn goes up to talk to Santana telling her he's afraid she will die and he's worried about her. In return, he wants both glee groups to join together for a lesson.

Santana sits in the chair right next to Brittany and takes her hands. She is pushing Artie through the hall when they pass Santana. She then performs Songbird.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

Brittany and santana hook up

They hold hands, but Santana asks to cover it up with a napkin. That actually would be a great spinoff show, Tom and Arnold. When Brittany announces the theme, Santana calls it brilliant while the others are unsure of the idea.

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The playlist also shows a picture of the cuddled up wrapped around in a love heart shape. Santana and Brittany manage to convince her not to do that. Santana gets mad because all the glee girls are having a meeting without her.

At the end of the performance, Artie throws Brittany a bouquet full of flowers. During the song, Santana stares upon Brittany in which she delivers a smile and is welcomed back returning the favor back. They cuddle and Santana tells Brittany that she is really a genius, Brittany says she is just the world's foremost expert in field of Santana Lopez. Santana declines the offer, but agrees to go on a vacation with her.

It could be said Santana does this out of jealousy. Look, this campaign is brilliant. Whilst Quinn had slightly different dance moves, Santana and Brittany had identical dance moves. Santana looks sad when she looks around at all the happy couples.

Carl tells Santana he can't put her under because her teeth are perfect and she says her dad is a doctor and they have a great healthcare plan. After this Santana replies that's enough and turns the camera off. At the final glee meeting, the two of them are seen talking to Artie, all smiles. Santana jumps off the stage immediately after the performance wanting to know what Finn said to Rachel. Hell-O They are seen walking and linking pinkies several times throughout the episode.

When did quinn and santana hook up. Quinn complaining about men and

Brittany comes up to her and puts her hands on her shoulders. As Santana walks back to her seat, Brittany gives her a high five. But Brittany was dating Sam and told Santana she wasn't gonna break up with him. Brittany and Santana are seen with their reactions to being nominated prom king and queen.

  1. They sit together during the performances of Yeah!
  2. They are both seem to look overjoyed with this action.
  3. At one point Santana grabs Brittany's wrist and at the end Santana has her arm around Brittany.

Finn keeps Santana from getting suspended by saying she fake slapped him. At one point, Brittany slaps Santana's butt and then Santana puts her arm around Brittany as they skip off. At the end they are seen rehearsing together with the rest of The Troubletones.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

Brittany and santana hook up

So listen, how about you and I pop in some Sweet Valley High this evening and get our cuddle on? They are together with the others and Sue at Mr. For the remainder of the conversation, Santana and Brittany slide looks at each other, though never at the same time, before they hang up. Brittany says something to her and they share a loving stare. In Sue's office, Burt, Will and Sue show Santana a video of an attack ad that a congressional candidate running against Sue and Burt made.

Santana hugs her mother then looks at a photo of her and Brittany sitting in the choir room and smiles slightly. Brittany turns around with a serious look on her face, points to each of her boobs and shakes her finger no. Santana asks if Brittany understands what she's saying. Not in the fact she wants to be famous, but that she doesn't care how.

Santana brittany dating BIG SHOTS

They are with each other during April's performance of Dreams. When she tells Santana that she wants her old life back, Santana tries to help her and, along with Quinn, dating f they perform Toxic for Glee club. They are seen looking very excited and begin having a conversation. Can't I just have one night where I'm queen? Santana wipes away a tear at the end.

Santana and Brittany sing and dance with Ms. Why not another potential final True Love for Michael Scott? At the end of it they are both in tears.

Santana is listening to her intently and says she had the same fantasy too but she's not sure how their fantasies combined and how that doesn't really make sense. Because I said I love you and you didn't say you love me back. In the auditorium that dance and sing with the others to Don't Stop.

Carlos Santana s Wife Brittany Santana

Brittany and santana hook up

Also, they are often seen wearing matching bracelets and backpacks. But I'm afraid of the talks and the looks. They are walking together with their pinkies locked when they pass Rachel and Kurt in the hall.

Blaine mentions Brittany and Santana when he is listing off the people that he and Kurt often hang out with in New York. He comes up to tell Santana that she has to go on in a minute. During the last line of the song she looks over to the side of the stage where Brittany is standing. Brittany smiles and says yes, and they kiss and hug. Santana looks mildly worried and confused before she corrects it and suggests a hair cut, to which Brittany agrees.

Brittany and santana hook up

Both Brittany and Santana come back to Lima for Mr. They are together in the choir room. Cam defends his relationship, but he soon realizes there's more to the story than he first suspected. They perform Sing with the rest of the glee club. Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition?

  • Brittany says the same, and they both kiss.
  • They join in the group hug.
  • Brittany is wearing her friendship bracelet in the scene where Rory tells her of Santana's wish.

And Brittany, I can't go to an Indigo Girls concert. Since Santana doesn't want to go to college, she tries to give her mother the money back, but her mother told her to use it for New York and that she will support her decision. Brittany tells her that its a surprise, as she sits her down. Brittany wraps her arms around Santana trying to comfort her. Santana is laying on Brittany kissing her neck, list of good dating site while Brittany rubs her back.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

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